Last October I had the idea to start my own blog and to write about web- and graphics design. Please feel free to check out the design process behind the website and logo.

October 2016
Web Design, Logo Design

For the logo of Pixelmag I had an idea at a very early stage. It should be a monogram of the letters "P" and "M".
The main color for the website and logo would be a bright purple tone.

Pixelmag Logo

In terms of colors, the complementary type is a very dark grey. For the background I choosed a "dirty" white for better readability, especially on displays.

Pixelmag Colors

For the fonts I went with Montserrat for headings and titles and with Open Sans for body copy.

Pixelmag Fonts

The look and feel of the website should be very modern and clean. Below the hero section which contained a big and bold heading is a grid of the most recent articles about webdesign, generall graphic design topics as well as free templates. The whole site is in German but, design is a universal language.

Pixelmag Webdesign

Responsive design was also a major factor for a website writing about modern webdesign. Take a look at some sample pages from the mobile site below.

Pixelmag Mobile Webdesign

Thanks for watching! And as always: Feel free to contact me!

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