Newsmile Dental

This project is one of my webflow website templates you can download for free.
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January 2019

Let's be honest, there are much funnier things to do than to search for a dentist.
At least the dentists website should aim to cheer you up a little bit and take away unnecessary anxiety and concerns. That's why I chose to round the header section which symbolises a big smile. The big toothbrush gives it another fun element.

Newsmile Website

Colorwise I used a blue tone as the main color, which psychologically, is often attached to medicine.

Newsmile Colors & Gradient

As the font I chose Circular Std which is a very elegant, geometrically inspired font.


You can see some mockups of the final design on desktop and mobile devices down below or you can simply click here and get a preview of the complete website.

Newsmile DesktopNewsmile Mobile

As always, thanks for watching! Please feel free to, just contact me!

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