Henry Knives

The following project is about a fictional knife production company named "Henry Knives"

September 2017
Logo Design, Brand Identity

The logo consists of a flat knife illustration and the company name. In case the logo needs to be shrunk the company name could be deleted and instead just the knife used as some sort of icon.

Henry Knives Logo

Every company needs its business card, and my fantasy company is no exception. As background color I chose a steel grey which matches very well with the blue from the knife illustration.

Henry Knives Business Card

Next up are some branding experiments with a fake billboard advertisement and shopping bag.

Henry Knives BillboardHenry Knives Shopping Bag

The last part of the design challenge was the website mockup. In this case I only designed the hero section and made it fit different screen sizes.

Henry Knives Responsive Webdesign

As always, thanks for watching! Please feel free to, just contact me!

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