Entspannt Leben

Entspannt-Leben is a brand identity project for a friend of mine who is running a shiatsu-massage salon.

July 2017
Web Design, Logo Design

After some online research I found some similarities in colors for keywords like "spa" or "massage". Most of those colors were relatively light and faded tints of purple, green or blue. For Entspannt-Leben I chose a light purple as the primary color.

Entspannt-Leben colors

For the logo I chose the traditional path and made a lotus inspired shape. It was one of the most used and therefore most memorable shapes for massage and spa salons.


The font choice was a very simple but effective combination of a serif and sans-serif font. Because the client did not want to invest money into a paid font, we went with Noto, a modern and free font from Google.

Entspannt-Leben fonts

The following two pictures represent some brand mockups in the form of business-cards a t-shirt and shopping bag.

Entspannt-Leben business cardEntspannt-Leben T-ShirtEntspannt-Leben shopping bag

In terms of website the plan was to use a single scroll page. That way the visitor can get all important information at a glance without navigating through different pages.

Entspannt-Leben website startEntspannt-Leben website pricing

Last but not least would be the mobile version of the Entspannt-Leben website.

Entspannt-Leben website mobile

Thanks for watching! If you want to dicsuss a new project just contact me now!

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