A website project for my former affiliate marketing site.
Quit the site some time ago.

January 2017
Web Design, Logo Design

As the name implies, the website offers minimalistic products. For that reason I wanted the logo and the website to look very clean and simple.

Dailyminimal Logo

In terms of color choice I wanted to use just one or two colors and pair them with grey shades and black. That way users are not overwhelmed and it gives the website a simple and elegant touch.

Dailyminimal Colors

My font of choice for this project was the very elegant Brandon Grotesque. I choosed a single font and used variations in font-weight and size for headings and body copy.

Dailyminimal Fonts

The website itself makes use of a very subtle grid that prioritizes the products over graphics and colors. That way viewers don't get distracted from the product but, at the same time everything looks very elegant. Of course the website had to be mobile friendly because many users will view it on mobile phones or tablets.

Dailyminimal Responsive WebdesignDailyminimal Website

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