Check out this brand identity work I did for a fictional barber shop back in 2017. I refreshed the design in November 2018 to improve the overall look and feel.

November 2018
Brand Identity Work, Web Design, Logo Design

My primary color choice was a powerfull orange paired with darker accents of blue and of course black. In terms of fonts, I went with a serif font for the logo and non-serif fonts for the website as they are easier to read on displays.

Boss-Style ColorsBoss-Style Fonts

One important aspect of the logo and color choice was to make it as usable as possible for different usecases like printed paper and different materials like glass or different backgrounds like black or white.

Boss-Style Logos

The responsive website was meant to be easy to navigate and to contain all important content on one page. That way, especially smartphone users, don't need to press menu buttons and navigate through pages to get the information they are searching for.

Boss-Style Responsive Webdesign

Of course business cards and other products like a signage or doormat were part of the whole brand identity of Boss-Style. As you will see in the pictures below, the different color variations for the logo did pay off when it came to darker or lighter backgrounds.

Boss-Style Business CardBoss-Style SignageBoss-Style Doormat

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